Couples sessions + engagement photography in Oxfordshire

Couple + Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are a great way to break the photography ice and get to know each other before your day. There’s no time limit, no guests waiting for you to come back, and no wedding day butterflies (or bubbles!) in your stomachs. 

And you know what? It’ll be an amazing experience as well! Think of it as a really fun date you’ll just happen to have photos of. Time set aside to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, go on an adventure, and have a proper laugh together without all the pressure of a wedding day. 

If you’d like to book an engagement session with us before your big day, please get in touch. Oh, and feel free to get creative with the location, we’re always up for an adventure!

“I truly cannot imagine better photos or photos being better captured because its really not possible!”