Wedding couple outside of the Sheldonian theatre in Oxford

Meet your Oxfordshire wedding photography dream team!

Yes we stole this from the Office!

We’re not just Oxfordshire wedding photographers. We’re animal lovers. We’re healing the North-South divide. And we’re single-handedly propping up the pizza industry!

Hi, we’re Vicki and Helen. We live in in Woodstock, just north of Oxford, with our cats, Cassie (full title Princess CassieButt) and Calypso (Precious Little Monster), and Benji (Butthead) the Bulgarian rescue dog. We became friends after meeting on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer chat site 20 odd years ago, so the geek runs deep in both of us! We both love pizza, and we’re kinda obsessed with our pets (I mean who isn’t!)

About Helen (by Vicki)

Helen is the reason that V&H Photography exists.

Her passion and drive to use her talents to have a job that she loved instead of her 9-5 office job (she was an accountant) led us to where we are today, spending our days capturing amazing moments and enjoying every minute. She has kept some of her accountant quirks though including a love for excel spreadsheets! 

She is the organised one with a sense of fun and loves nothing more than getting down on the dance floor with the kids and capturing their epic dance moves. She inspires my photogragraphy every day seeing her starting her photography in dingy gigs in Oxford to shooting Paramore at the o2 Arena and bringing that same passion and skill to Weddings makes me so proud that I get to shoot weddings with her.

About Vicki (by Helen)

Vicki is the cool calm presence you need on your wedding day.

As well as being unflappable she will charm your great aunts, gee up your wedding party and most importantly of all, tell terrible dad jokes during portraits until you forget you are even having your photograph taken.

She is the one with the patience to spend hours creating beautiful slideshows, putting together our galleries and designing albums. She’s the one to keep me calm when I’m overthinking and pushes us forward to be ourselves and to create a business that is really authentically us.

Behind the scenes

Our lives before Oxfordshire wedding photography

Before we were an Oxfordshire wedding photography dream team, we photographed festivals together. And festival photography ain’t easy! Trudging through muddy fields, trying to get awesome shots of guitarists mid-air whilst ducking the swinging feet of crowd-surfers. Drunk people moving in every direction, low light, crazy colours. And to make it even more difficult, anything can happen at any minute, and you’ve only got one chance to capture it! It’s a real baptism of fire.

But (if we do say so ourselves), it’s made us awesome wedding photographers! We’ve learned to anticipate moments so we’re ready to capture them as they happen. We’re absolute demons at getting crystal clear photos in all kinds of light. And we’ve come to learn that all the best moments- the ones you’ll always remember for as long as you live- are the ones no one could’ve planned.

And after all these years working together, we’ve become a super team. We instinctively know where the other one will be and what they’ll be shooting. We bounce ideas off each other, and play to each other’s strengths. If there’s a dress that needs doing up, Vicki will do it because Helen’s got a phobia of buttons. If there’s a wasp, Helen’s on it because Vicki’s already run away from it! On our own we’re great, but together we’re awesome!